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As our school, community and world struggles with the impact of COVID-19 on our lives we are committed to supporting our students and their education. Despite all the uncertainty going on, we aim to provide new and different pathways to success, including remote learning through the internet.

We understand that this an uneven process at the moment. We are working hard to give our students as many options as possible to help prepare them for an increasingly digitized future.

Please feel free to email us or call 306-344-3414 with any questions or concerns you may have.



All students engaged in Homestudy is expected to check in frequently with their Teachers or other school staff personally, by calling or through their OLEDU accounts.

Step 1: Figure out your schedule and who your teachers are by 

  • Email Mr. Morrell at kmorrell@oledu.ca
  • OR call the school (306-344-3414) for details.

Step 2: Go to gmail.com and log in using your oledu.ca credentials.

  • Go to the 'number pad' in the top right corner and click.
  • Find the Google Classroom app and click.
  • Select the appropriate class.
  • Do the activities and assignments.
  • Submit your work.

Step 3: Work hard!

Step 4: If you have any questions about the work, email your teacher. If you are not sure about how to reach out to your teacher, please go to the Teacher page for help.

* If you cannot access the school website - please phone the school for paper work packages*



While your child is not attending school, the communication triangle between student, parent and school is essential.

At Sakāskohc High School, we want to provide the best educational experience possible. Due to unique restraints of Homestudy, the partnership between parent and school is even more important than ever.

We welcome your input, encourage you to check your child's work, and hope to regularly hear from you.

While the best way for your child to learn is in person, second best is via online home study, where they can 'see/hear' your teacher without being in the same building. Paper package learning is an inferior last resort.

Some reasons that online study is superior to paper packages include:

  • Technology is more interesting and engaging than paper.
  • You may listen to/watch instruction rather than only reading.
  • Your student can be interactive with their peers.
  • Allows you to work at your own preferred pace/time
  • There are options for your teacher to 'help' along the way.
  • You may even 'see' your teacher.
  • You can watch your teacher do examples as often as needed.
  • Quicker feedback for your work (Packages will need to sit for 3 days).
  • Paper packages are NOT environmentally responsible - think of all those trees!

Preparing Your Home for Home Study:

Find out how to make your home ready for home study. For more information, click here.



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